QLS Clinical Pharmacology
Table of Contents

Chapter 1.
Basic Pharmacology: Drug Absorption
Chapter 2.
Basic Pharmacology: Drug Distribution
Chapter 3.
Basic Pharmacology: Drug Elimination and Metabolism
Chapter 4.
Basic Pharmacology: Pharmacokinetics I
Chapter 5.
Basic Pharmacology: Pharmacokinetics II
Chapter 6.
Basic Pharmacology: Pharmacodynamics
Chapter 7.
Autonomic Nervous System: Introduction
Chapter 8.
Autonomic Nervous System: Cholinergic Pharmacology
Chapter 9.
Autonomic Nervous System: Adrenergic Pharmacology: Agonists
Chapter 10.
Autonomic Nervous System: Adrenergic Pharmacology: Antagonists
Chapter 11.
Local Anesthetics
Chapter 12.
Neuromuscular Blocking Agents
Chapter 13.
Cardiovascular Drugs: Ionotropic Agents
Chapter 14.
Cardiovascular Drugs: Vasodilators I
Chapter 15.
Cardiovascular Drugs: Vasodilators II
Chapter 16.
Cardiovascular Drugs: Antiarrhythmics I
Chapter 17.
Cardiovascular Drugs: Antiarrhythmics II
Chapter 18.
Ocular Pharmacology I
Chapter 19.
Ocular Pharmacology II
Chapter 20.
Control of Micturition
Chapter 21.
Respiratory Drugs I
Chapter 22.
Respiratory Drugs II
Chapter 23.
Diuretics I
Chapter 24.
Diuretics II
Chapter 25.
Inhalant Anesthetics
Chapter 26.
Injectable Anesthetics I
Chapter 27.
Injectable Anesthetics II
Chapter 28.
Tranquilizers and Sedatives I
Chapter 29.
Tranquilizers and Sedatives II
Chapter 30.
Chapter 31.
Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Agents I: General Pharmacology
Chapter 32.
Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Agents II: Therapeutic Agents
Chapter 33.
Anticonvulsant Therapy
Chapter 34.
Behavioral Pharmacology I
Chapter 35.
Behavioral Pharmacology II
Chapter 36.
Antibiotics: General Principles of Use
Chapter 37.
Antibiotics: Drugs that Inhibit Cell Wall Synthesis I
Chapter 38.
Antibiotics: Drugs that Inhibit Cell Wall Synthesis II
Chapter 39.
Antibiotics: Drugs that Interfere with DNA Metabolism
Chapter 40.
Antibiotics: Drugs that Inhibit Protein Synthesis I
Chapter 41.
Antibiotics: Drugs that Inhibit Protein Synthesis II
Chapter 42.
Antifungal Agents
Chapter 43.
Antiprotozoal Agents
Chapter 44.
Antiparasitic Drugs: Endoparasites I
Chapter 45.
Antiparasitic Drugs: Endoparasites II
Chapter 46.
Antiparasitic Drugs: Ectoparasites I
Chapter 47.
Antiparasitic Drugs: Ectoparasites II
Chapter 48.
Antineoplastic Agents I: Alkylating Agents,
Antimetabolites, and Mitotic Inhibitors
Chapter 49.
Antineoplastic Agents II: Antibiotics, Enzymes,
Platinum Compounds, and Miscellaneous
Chapter 50.
Gastrointestinal Drugs: Drugs Controlling Emesis
Chapter 51.
Gastrointestinal Drugs: Drugs that Inhibit Gastric
Acid Secretion
Chapter 52.
Gastrointestinal Drugs: Cytoprotective and
Anti-inflammatory Agents
Chapter 53.
Gastrointestinal Drugs: Drugs Affecting Motility
Chapter 54.
Gastrointestinal Drugs: Laxatives and Cathartics
Chapter 55.
Endocrine: Pituitary and Reproductive Hormones
Chapter 56.
Endocrine: Thyroid Drugs
Chapter 57.
Endocrine: Drugs Affecting Glucose Metabolism
Chapter 58.
Endocrine: Mineralocorticoids and Adrenolytic Drugs
Chapter 59.
Endocrine: Corticosteroids
Chapter 60.
Endocrine: Antidiuretic Hormone, Growth Hormone,
and Miscellaneous Steroids
Chapter 61.
Immunosuppressive Drugs
Chapter 62.
Drugs Acting on Blood Elements
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