Practical Veterinary Dermatopathology
Table of Contents

Guide to Using This Book ix
1 Biopsy Collection:Why, When, Where and How 1
Biopsy Sample Selection 2
Why and When to Collect a Biopsy Sample 2
Where to Collect a Biopsy Sample 2
How to Collect a Biopsy Sample 4
Biopsy Sample Fixation 13
Standard Fixation Techniques 13
Fixation for Suspected Immune Mediated Skin Diseases 14
Fixation for Selected Tumor Studies or for Selected Infectious Agents 14
Clinical History 15
Sample Shipment 15
Microscopic Interpretation of a Biopsy Sample 16
Limitations of Dermatopathology 18
Value of Referral to or Consultation with a Dermatology Specialist 18
Ancillary Procedures to Facilitate Diagnosis 18
Common Errors of Sample Collection and Submission 19

2 Clinical Lesion Definitions, Recommended Methods of Biopsy
Sampling, and Representative Histologic Lesions 21

3 Histopathologic Responses of the Skin to Injury 53
Histopathologic Responses of the Epidermis to Injury 54
Histopathologic Responses of the Dermis and Vessels to Injury 76
Histopathologic Responses of the Adnexa to Injury 90
Histopathologic Responses the Panniculus (Subcutis) to Injury 102

4 Tumors and Tumor-like Masses of the Skin 107
Tumors of the Skin 109
Epidermis 115
Adnexa 121
Dermis, Vasculature, Nerve Tissue, Subcutis 129
Bone Marrow Derived Cells 137
Tumor-like Masses of the Skin 144
Cysts 144
Hamartomas 148
Other Tumor-like Lesions 154

5 Laboratory Techniques for Tissue Processing and Staining 159
Sample Arrival at the Laboratory 160
Gross Evaluation and Trimming of Sample 160
Sample and Request Review 160
Sample Trimming 161
Tissue Demineralization 161
Tissue Processing and Histochemical Staining Techniques 162
Immunostaining Techniques (Direct Immunohistochemistry and
Immunofluorescence) for Autoimmune Skin Disease 165
Immunohistochemical Staining Techniques for Tumor and
Tumor-like Conditions 167
Immunohistochemical Staining Techniques for Infectious Agents 168
Other Techniques 168

6 Glossary 169

7 Differential Diagnosis of Clinical Lesions and Lesions
in Selected Anatomic Locations 177

Appendices 185
A. Dermatopathology Submission Form 186
B. Suppliers 187
C. Case Review 189
Recommended Readings 195
Index 197

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