Chapter 1: Working with Breeders
What is Normal Reproduction?
Who are the Breeders?
What Skills Does a Veterinarian Need to Develop to Provide Basic Reproductive Care?

Chapter 2: Genetic Selection and Screening
Selecting Breeding Stock
Counseling the Breeder/Client
DNA and the Canine Genome
Specific Disease – Based Screening Examinations
The Breeding Program

Chapter 3: Preparing to Breed
Planning the Breeding
Stud Dog Selection
Preparing the Bitch for Breeding
Timing the Bitch for Breeding

Chapter 4: Orchestrating the Breeding – Natural and Special Breeding
Scheduling the Breeding Appointment
Vaginal Artificial Inseminations
Handling Fresh Chilled Semen
Surgical Insemination
Transcervical Insemination (TCI)

Chapter 5: Managing the Pregnancy
Environmental Management and Housing the Pregnant Bitch
Managing the Abnormal Pregnancy

Chapter 6: Managing the Whelping and C-section
Preparing for the Whelping at Home
Managing a Whelping at the Veterinary Hospital
Managing the C-section
Resuscitation of the Neonate at Vaginal or C-section Birth

Chapter 7: Managing the Immediate Postpartum Period in the Bitch
Health Care
Common Disorders of the Immediate Postpartum Period

Chapter 8: Neonatal and Pediatric Care
The Normal Neonate
Advanced Home Care
Causes of Neonatal Mortality
Neonatal Supportive Care
Raising the “Singelton” Puppy
Preparing Puppies for a New Home

Chapter 9: Infertility and Reproductive Problems in the Valuable Bitch
The Normal Estrous Cycle
Abnormal Estrous Cycles
Missed Breedings
Failure to Maintain Pregnancy
Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Supplements Causing Infertility
Genetic Incompatibility
Uterine Pathology-CEH, Fibrosis. Neoplasia
Hormonal Alteration of Estrous
Diagnosis and Treatment of Pyometra
Miscellaneous Disorders of the Female Reproductive Tract

Chapter 10: Infertility and Reproductive Problems in the Valuable Stud Dog
Breeding Soundness Examination
Collecting the Stud Dog
Diagnostic Workup for the Infertile Stud Dog
Disorders of the Prostate
Disorders of the Testes
Scrotal Disorders
Disorders of the Penis
Disorders of Ejaculation
Disorders of Sperm Production, Classification, Diagnostics and Treatment
Treatment Protocols for the Infertile Stud Dog

Chapter 11: Special Breedings
Breeding a Bitch with Frozen Semen


Appendix A: For Technical Staff
Appendix B: For Telephone Staff
Appendix C: Client Information
Appendix D: For Veterinarians


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