Interactive Medical Acupuncture Anatomy
Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, MS, FAAMA

Section 1:: The Science of Acupuncture Neuromodulation
Chapter 1:: From Metaphors to Modern Medicine 
Chapter 2:: Function Follows Form

Section 2:: Acupuncture Points and Channels
Chapter 3:: Introducing the Points and Channels
Chapter 4:: Locating Points on the Body
Chapter 5:: Acupuncture Safety

Section 3:: Twelve Paired Channels
Channel 1:: The Lung (LU)
Channel 2:: The Large Intestine (LI)
Channel 3:: The Stomach (ST)
Channel 4:: The Spleen (SP)
Channel 5:: The Heart (HT)
Channel 6:: The Small Intestine (SI)
Channel 7:: The Bladder (BL)
Channel 8:: The Kidney (KI)
Channel 9:: The Pericardium (PC)
Channel 10:: The Triple Heater (TH)
Channel 11:: The Gallbladder (GB)
Channel 12:: The Liver (LR)

Section 4:: The Eight “Singular Vessels,” “Extraordinary Vessels,” or “Curious Meridians”
Channel 13:: The Conception Vessel (CV)
Channel 14:: The Governor Vessel (GV)



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