Feline Anatomy A Coloring Atlas
Robert A. Kainer, DVM, MS,
Thomas O. McCracken PhD Hon., MS

The Authors
How to Use this Coloring Atlas

Surface of the Body
Plate 1 Regions of the Feline’s Body
Plate 2 Directional Terms
Plate 3 Body Planes
Plate 4 Anatomy of Feline Skin
Plate 5 Functions of Feline Skin
Plate 6 Types of Hair Coats

Organs of Movement: Bones, Joints, and Muscles
Plate 7 Skeleton
Plate 8 Vertebral (Spinal) Column
Plate 9 Ribs and Sternum
Plate 10 Bones of the Shoulder, Arm and Forearm
Plate 11 Carpal, Metacarpal and Digital Bones
Plate 12 Structure of Joints
Plate 13 Joints of the Forelimb
Plate 14 Fascia
Plate 15 Superficial Muscles
Plate 16 Deep Muscles
Plate 17 Deep Shoulder and Arm Muscles
Plate 18 Forearm and Forefoot Muscles
Plate 19 Forelimb Nerves
Plate 20 Forelimb Blood Vessels
Plate 21 Forepaw
Plate 22 Structures Related to the Claw
Plate 23 Bones of the Pelvis
Plate 24 Bones of the Thigh and Leg
Plate 25 Bones of the Tarsus
Plate 26 Tarsal, Metatarsal, and Digital Bones
Plate 27 Joints of the Hindlimb
Plate 28 Hip Joint
Plate 29 Stifle Joint


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