O'Brien's Radiology for the Equine Ambulatory Practitioner
Table of Contents

1. Producing High Quality Radiographs
2. Economic Issues of Radiology for the Ambulatory Equine Practitioner
3. Radiographic Interpretation of Horses With Clinical Signs
Of Infection or Joint Disease
4 Radiography Of The Distal Extremity
5. Basic Information for Radiographic Interpretation of the Distal
Extremity Examination
6. Radiographic Interpretation of the Third Phalanx, Hoof Wall,
and Soft Tissue Structures in the Foot
7. Radiographic Interpretation of the Navicular Bone
8. Interpretation of the Fetlock
9. Interpretation of the Carpus
10.Interpretation of the Tarsus
11.Interpretation of the Stifle
12.Role of Radiology in the Purchase Examination

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