Teton NewMedia's most successful series created to break down complicated veterinary procedures and information into a 'made easy' format. Made Easy Series books contain: accessible clinical information; a highly visual presentation; are brief and informative; the CD-ROM companions expand coverage including extensive image libraries, videos and case studies, and provide instantaneous search capabilities.

Broodmare Reproduction
William B. Ley DVM
Reproductive efficiency; breeding managementsystems; preventive medicine; reproductiveanatomy, physiology and endocrinology; breedingsoundness techniques; pregnancy testing;identification of conception failure or pregnancyloss and treatment protocols; assistedreproductive technologies

Price: $60.00

Made Easy Series Wound Care Management
Dean A. Hendrickson DVM
Liberally illustrated guide to traditional and advanced wound healing; basic wound cleaning, preparation and closure; moist wound healing; anatomical considerations by body region; CD contains 25 case studies, videos and additional still images.

Price: $60.00

Made Easy Series Equine Dermatology
Ralf S Muller Dr.med.vet
A concise, well illustrated and practical guide to diagnosis and treatment; Liberally illustrated in full color for easy identifcation of troublesome lesions; fully designed and illustrated tables are used to provide quick access to important diagnostic and treatment information.

Price: $55.00

Equine Endoscopy and Arthroscopy
Sameeh Abutarbush and James Carmalt

Concise and affordable guide to endoscopic technique and diagnostic protocols in the horse.
over 475 high quality clinical photographs, and anatomic drawings.
step-by-step guidelines for endoscopy of the upper airway, gastrointestinal, urinary and reproductive systems.

Price: $65.00

Ophthalmology 2nd Edition
Dennis E. Brooks DVM
A useful field guide meant to help veterinarians treat simple and complex eye problems in horses.
Over 20% of the text is brand new and virtually every chapter has been thoroughly updated New material includes: updated drug information, expanded coverage of infectious diseases, expanded information on alternative therapies, retinopathy, virectomy and ocular manifestation of systemic diseases.
Provides clear guidelines for evaluation, diagnosis and management of medical and surgical ocular problems in horses.
CD-ROM contains 29 video clips covering diagnostic and surgical procedures.
Topics covered in videos include tonometry, cataract surgery, orbital blacks, equine recurrent uveitis, retinal detachment and ketatoplasty.

Price: $80.00

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